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Help with online system - no option to choose Tourist Visa

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Have to say tried to apply for a visa using the new online Royal Thai Embassy London application and it turned out to be a nightmare.They don't reply to your emails as stated and if you go there you will see no  queue because everyone is quickly turned away.

They tell you to go to an internet cafe but its so unsafe disclosing all your confidential papers to an unknown computer

You really need a lot of time to study the requirements and its so complicated to do.You have to have all the correct documents and be able to scan   them to the application using the correct format and size .

In the end after spending hours on the phone had to go to Liverpool at their suggestion .They have a lovely web site but .....just have a look at some of the reviews

Phone Liverpool they will be able to help


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I have both passports and usually drive and drop off and pick up the next day . Now with all done online it would be a good idea to shoot the dublin consulate an email for further advise . 

To be honest with you, your better off using your british passport as you are situated in England.  

This may help if you dont have a british passport 



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