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Need a invite to use in documentation for filing travel expences to my own company

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I have my own consultant company and are now working 100% for a Norwegian customer.

I work almost all the time remote and I have started planning for a test of "home office" in Thailand for a short time.

If i could combine that with some documentation that would make my travel expences (some or all) payable for my company I will save tax both for my company and personal.

Anyone have some suggestions on how I can achieve this?

My area of work is Business Intelligence/data warehouse. SAP BI and PowerCenter and any related.

If some of you are working in BKK in similar areas and can help me out in any way I will be very happy. Would also be interesting to have some real meetings to see what are going on in this part of the world. I have been working withing banking and reinsurance for a lot of years.


If working from this part of the world is working well I plan to use it more and more when reducing work for retirement.


Maybe you all think this is a strange request but I try it anyway. And I read so many other strange messages in forums anyway so I dont worry about the response.


Best regards


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