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Jonathan Fairfield

Four Chinese tourists in Hua Hin tested for coronavirus 

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44 minutes ago, GeorgeCross said:


jesus.. from the link above:


Total Deaths 41

Total Recovered 38


so 50:50???!



assume 'recovered' means healthy enough to be released from hospital.


could be many that have survived and condition has improved, but not yet ready for release into general population.

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1 hour ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

As part of preventative measures, members of the public are urged to avoid crowded areas, wear a facemask and wash their hands frequently.


Members of the public and other tourists are urged to avoid places with many chinese visitors....i 'll stay away from them that's for sure.

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37 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

video of doctors in hospital collapsing after exposure to the virus.



Not wearing bio-hazard suits, therefore they are not involved in the emergency. There's a picture on TV today that shows what the medics are dressed like.


Someone else posted this yesterday. It's still as fake today. Nonghua News is a spoof Twitter page not unlike the Onion. Oh well, gotcha!!

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1 hour ago, Traubert said:

Because the World Health Organisation told them it was ok to do so.


No, no it's not. It really isn't.


Do you believe Trump's tweets for instance? Treat these the same.


i am not reading ANY tweets, trumps or otherwise i AM watching the videos being posted by people on the ground in wuhan


are you there? 




then shut up, please go troll somewhere else


for those with a brain cell, here's the twitter hash tag again for those still able to get footage out of china:



the one's with the doctors screaming and freaking out are particularly harrowing. i mean that can't be a good sign can it



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