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Entering Thailand after being denied in September 2019

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On 1/26/2020 at 12:21 PM, FalangJaiDee said:

They did this at BKK Airport??

I won't go into details, but I've been asked for a "tip" before in BKK. That was right before the "no tips" signs went up a couple years back. I guess "tips" are becoming a thing again? Not good news.

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Nope. How can they jail you for paying a fee? I think you need to learn more about Thailand and how things work here, sounds like you've got a lot to learn. Pay someone $100 or be flown home at your (

I suggest you do not fly into Bangkok. Use a land border crossing. About any of them would be good but avoid the Poi Pet crossing. If denied entry by air you should be allowed to return to Cambod

They actually gave me the chance to give them a 'donation' of $100, which in retrospect I should have given. But I was so frazzled at that point I assumed they would throw me in jail the moment I pull

On 1/26/2020 at 12:04 PM, happysanook said:

When denied, did you have an option to fly to a different country? Or they forced you back to home country?


I was pulled aside a half year back and very nearly not let in. I flirted with the ladyboy supervisor and got through though. The mid-level officer was on a mission to send me back.

They forced me back to my home country. It had to be the same airline and everything. I showed them I could fly out a few hours later on (I think) Japan Airlines for considerably less but I had to buy direct from China Southern at literally the last hour.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I already bought the plane ticket to BKK but after this I think I will enter by land.


At least I'll have proof of onward travel if they ask for it!😆

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It's becoming obvious that for regualr vistors from West, the best bet is always fly to KL (may be same price vs Bangkok, not sure) and then fly on a separate ticket to Bangkok/UTP. If denied entry in BKK< one can always fly back to KL and then enter by land. Now that they have direct flight to UTP from KL, I think UTP would be a better choice. It will take a day more but gives peace of mind. 

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