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Xi says China faces 'grave situation' as virus death toll hits 42

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Coronavirus cases in China


  • 81Deaths

  • 2,827Confirmed cases

  • 5,794Suspected cases

  • 461In critical condition

  • 51People recovered and discharged from hospital

Source: National Health Commission, as of end of 26 January, plus state media



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Just bought the last N95 mask in a Hat Yai 7/11. Was looking at Amazon Uk at buying masks just in case for when we get back next week and they are all out of stock. With most made in China and with the problems they have I think we can wave goodbye to anymore. 

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Wife metioned total of 44k on thai tv , I thought se had misheard 4000 until I saw this link from Hong Kong which is an estimate.


I can see only reason to allow flights in from infected areas is to dissaude all future tourism, short term thinking as usual.


Extract here


Medical experts from the University of Hong Kong warned on Monday that governments should implement "draconian measures" to limit the spread of the new Wuhan virus, saying the number of cases is likely to be far higher than reported.

The dean of the university's medical school, Gabriel Leung, said his team has estimated that as of Saturday, some 44,000 people in Wuhan alone were likely to have been infected by the new virus.

Around 25,000 of these were likely to be sick, with the others only in the incubation stage and not yet showing symptoms.

With the estimated infection figure drastically higher than the mainland's latest official tally of 2,744 confirmed cases – and infections now reported in around a dozen countries – the HKU experts said a global epidemic could be imminent.





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