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Surin beach ruined by jet ski and ugly chairs

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6 hours ago, ChasingTheSun said:

“Thailand has changed beyond recognition and I would now refer to the late 80s and the 90s as the good old days. It is well known among many people the place has deteriorated in terms of friendliness, cleanliness, value for moneuy and overall enjoyment.“
....The same could be said of almost anywhere on the planet.

Tell us about a place that you think is now better than how it was during the 80s or 90s?


No place is perfect. If running away to Issaan makes you feel you are somehow living better, then good luck and buh bye. 



You are making a silly post when you do not know my circumstances.


I did not  run away to ' Isaarn ' . It was a planned move over many years, building and preparing the site and building the properties on my partners land.


Ill health and a major operation sped this decision along the way. There was no running away.


Some of us do not want to spend our days in an outside beer bar in Pattaya or wherever. Those that do OK, but not for me these days.


Name a place that is now better than in the eighties, you say?


Well, Cambodia for sure as the Khmer rouge have gone and it is no longer occupied by the Vietnamese. The country of Vietnam has improved as it is now much more accessible for tourism and more developed. Myanmar for similar reasons.


We could then talk about many former USSR states that are now independent and have opened up for tourism, or newly formed or re-established previous states that now enjoy freedoms and independence from the former Yugoslavia.


Angola, Namibia and countless others, no longer war torn and prospering and developing.




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