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Meeting to discuss evacuation of Thais stranded in Wuhan

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8 hours ago, justin case said:

bring them all home, so we can have an infestation here


the PM will be a hero for those people


he can save face


while others will die


quarantine, I guess this is a word not in a thai dico


Were the plan in the OP article to actually happen, I'd ASSUME one of two things would happen:


1. those returning would be held in some kind of isolation setting until the incubation period had passed.




2. they'd be told to stay home and then be tracked for followup to make sure they don't become sick after returning...


I say I'd ASSUME that. But here in Thailand, people who ASSUME too much sometimes end up as A**es....  :tongue:

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9 hours ago, thisisrascal said:

My heart goes out to those who are stranded in a foreign land. 

If it spreads a little more here in Thailand we're all stranded in a foreign land where the authorities care more for money than for human lives.

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So apparently, the Thai govt. has decided for now to NOT evacuate their citizens from the virus impact areas.



"China confident it can control the situation"?????


Are they auditioning for late night TV comics or what????


The Thai student who posted to Facebook and gathered a lot of attention for being stranded in Wuhan complained she and her fellow Thai students were running out of food and had no way to get more. How's China going to control that situation.


And then the news report goes on to talk about how China doesn't want anyone flying in, or out, of the Wuhan area, thus the Thai flights wouldn't be allowed. And yet the article fails to mention that other countries including the U.S., AFAIK, are doing exactly that to evacuate their citizens by air flights....





To help protect Wuhan-based Americans from exposure to the mysterious coronavirus, the United States government announced on Monday afternoon that it will fly diplomats and staff to southern California’s Ontario Airport, about 38 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, on Wednesday morning.

The embassy employees will not be flown to San Francisco International Airport, as previously reported.

A chartered flight will evacuate the entire staff, as space is available, from the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan, one of the seven American diplomatic and consular posts in the People’s Republic of China.



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