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Thai Economy Faces Turbulence From China Ban on Group Tours

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

China has ordered travel agents in the country to suspend sales of all international tours from Monday (26 Jan)

Duuurrrgggghhhhh ...there isn't a Monday 26th!!! Today is the 27th

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I think i can safely predict a TAT 10% rise in Chinese tourists tomorrow

Its so filthy there the diseases cant survive ,😃

screening is no good if people infected and spreading are not showing symptoms   this needs a different approach otherwise it will spread across the world (and into Thailand unabated)  

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14 minutes ago, onekoolguy said:

Same here. My brother and his wife have a long planned trip to Bangkok for mid February but may cancel depending on how this plays out?

I know one guy here in Phuket 40% cancellations already

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1 hour ago, ExpatOilWorker said:



  Pretty chilling numbers, if accurate.  That would make the mortality rate somewhere around 63%.  


  Yes, there are thousands more still infected but since one can't predict whether they will live or die.....still, it makes for a more reassuring outlook for the general public if the government states that "only" 76 deaths have resulted from 2,000+ infections.  


  The death rate certainly seems to be outpacing the recovery rate if these numbers have any validity.  

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What does Thailand think, don't ban the tour groups because an epidemic will be cheaper because everyone is supposed to have insurance and this boosts the economy? As another poster stated, this will trickle down to world cancelations coming here as Thailand ranks second behind China with infections now. So doom and gloom for the TAT. Keep on kicking the expats and it will hurt more.. And just heard from family in USA that most are deciding to not travel there unless have to. 

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1 hour ago, RotBenz8888 said:

If there's something TAT is spending time on now, it's how to twist this crisis into something positive...for the arrival numbers.

Probably - Come to Amazing Thailand - where only 3% of visitors die from Chinese flu !

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2 hours ago, davehowden said:

Plus, how many people from countries not affected with the virus will want to holiday in an "at risk' country like Thailand ?

Australia is already warning people about the risks of travelling to asian countries at the moment.  It wont just be the chinese not arriving but those from other countries as well.

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

Coronavirus: Groups tours from China to Thailand suspended, screening of Chinese arrivals to be stepped up


FILE PHOTO: Chinese tourists visit the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand August 19, 2018. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun


China has ordered travel agents in the country to suspend sales of all international tours from Monday (26 Jan) in a bid to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus.


The Chinese government has also requested agents suspend the sales of hotel packages and international flights for the foreseeable future.


On Friday, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued an urgent order to ban the sale of domestic group tours.


That order has now been extended to international group tours. It is not clear for how long the measures will be in place.


The move is likely to send shockwaves through Thailand’s tourism industry, particularly in locations popular with Chinese tourists, such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.


On Saturday, Thai media reported a Chinese tourist in Hua Hin was confirmed as Thailand’s 6th case of coronavirus, while district officials later said that despite the tourist being in quarantine, they were only to be regarded as a ‘Patient Under Investigation’. 


However, on Sunday reported that Thailand now has eight cases - the highest number of cases outside of China. 


The news comes after health officials in Thailand on Sunday announced that it will step up the screening of passengers arriving from China.  People arriving from cities near Wuhan, the source of the outbreak, including Guangzhou, will undergo thermal screening. Those showing signs of symptoms associated with coronavirus will be sent for treatment, officials said. 


In December, 20,000 thousand people travelled from Wuhan to Thailand. In January, almost 7,000 passengers from Wuhan arrived at Don Mueang alone between Jan 3-24. Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, Thailand was anticipating a surge in arrivals from China during the Chinese New Year celebrations. 


Meanwhile, China's National Health Commission warned on Sunday that the coronavirus has the ability to spread, get stronger and that infections could continue to rise.


National Health Commission Minister Ma Xiaowei, said that the incubation period for the coronavirus can be up to 14 days and that the virus is infectious during the incubation period, which was not the case during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2002, which was another form of coronavirus that also originated in China and killed nearly 800 people globally.




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-27

Good news for Minister Pipat, another proof that he is not incompetent! 😂

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