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Dutch Prime Minister apologises for country's role in Holocaust

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9 hours ago, jingjai9 said:

It seems as though the Dutch Prime Minister is trying to do a noble thing. Why oh why can't America apologize to the African Americans that were enslaved for hundreds of years? Slaves who helped build America. Why?




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7 hours ago, sattahip said:

There should be an apology for Szbreniza also where Dutch UN troops declined to fight to protect the people and 8000 men were slaughtered


The Dutch opted to stayed neutral and declined to fight. They rather protect then attack.


But in history the Dutch made a miserable mistake in Srebrenica.

Three Muslim men were sent away from the ground of the Dutchbat, they sought refugee/protection.

Outside the compound they were taken and slaughtered by the Bosnian Serbs.


Salient detail, two of the mens were brother and father of an interpreter for the Dutchbat and one men was electrician at the compound.

Dutchbat went too far to being 'neutral'


The Dutch government apologized and gave financial compensation to the family of those men, after the case being years in the court.


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