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Hungarian pensioner dies in the cells at Suvarnabhumi as he awaits deportation

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I bet they didn't check to see he had diabetic medication or possibly even took it away from him...

Might be, but it can also be that they found out he was diabetic after he was dead. It is Sanook stating that it was known he suffered from diabetes, which might be something they digged up after. In

That wouldn’t surprise me... not that they knowingly threw him in a cell and left him to die, but that they ignored his requests to keep his medication out of ignorance and lack of empathy.   

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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:


Yawn... You seem to argue for the sake if it... that is now an established fact :coffee1:



Oh, I am sorry that I do not share you opinion. I will try my best to fall in line next time.

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1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:

You don’t seem to share the opinion that it's also possible he may not have, and you have argued against everyone else who has suggested anything other than ‘the deceased may not have informed the guards of his illness’, and then you have argued about what is an isn’t a fact, argued to the relevance of articles others have linked to, you’ve argued that detention is not the same as prison when it was indicated that guards may not be empathetic towards a detainee. 

No, I have not. I have replied to all the confused faces, by re-quoting myself due to that I do not understand why my opinion confuse people and I should understand thiers. I also replied to quotes of my post and re-written or explained what might be one version. Never said anything against the opinion that the guards might not have given him after asking.

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5 hours ago, Sheryl said:


You are describing the IDC (correctly by all accounts)


But that is not where this happened.


Nor did it happen at a jail.


It happened in the detention room at Swampy airport.  From prior reports here,  large room with some bunk beds, food is provided (but there is a charge) and can also pay the guards to go get you things from airport shops. People are allowed to have their phones in there. I would assume, but do not know for sure, that they would also have their wallets/purses and possibly their carry on bags as well, this is a place people who have been refused entry are kept until they have a flight out. People have complained it is nto very clean but nothing I have ever heard makes it sound like prison conditions and certainly not like IDC (which is worse than any prison).


I have not previously heard of someone being taken there as part if a deportation before. Usually kept at IDC and then start to the airport and onto a flight.


There is no information whatsoever as to cause of death so no basis for speculating anything yet.  People do not die of diabetes in a night unless having a hypoglycemic reaction which would be likely only if insulin taken and then no food. There is no reason to think this applies, but then we really do not know.

Appreciate your well constructed feedback,


My first hand knowledge relates to the internal jail within Suvarnabhumi airport. I hope this clarifies the matter and thank you for your interest and feedback. All of my feedback relates to the internal jail privately contracted by AOT at Suvarnabhumi Airport🙏🇹🇭


This place makes Philippine jails , to which I’ve also been inside on a personal problematic level – look like you are in a Six star Seychelles resort😳🤷‍♂️😡🤬


The private security guards will only listen to you if you offer the money, otherwise they are deaf and mute to any requests whatsoever – this is how it works and people who have been there know this for a fact. I have seen medical requests due to health reasons refused on an ad hoc basis relative to the ability to access funds towards facilitating the private contractors🤬😡


Take care and have a great day🙏🇹🇭

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9 hours ago, jack7106 said:

First hand experience included along with graft/corruption and pay-as-you-go entitlements if you’re lucky enough to have any money. Many of the African detainees have been in there for well over six months and have no money to pay for a return airfare or money to provide for their phone/Internet access or decent eatable food.

They can only try and access the UNHCR which are about as useful as a cigarette tray on a motorbike – corruption extends extremely well into United Nations organisations.

From my experience NGO’s weren’t interested in helping them either - catch 22 position.

These unfortunate African nationalities have no representation whatsoever and are lucky if they are given a rice bowl and some water each day in absolutely cramped and filthy conditions – firsthand experience courtesy of Thai Airways who respond to valid criticism deplorably😳🤷‍♂️🤬😡🙏🇹🇭
I am grateful that Australia has an embassy that when needed in extreme circumstances will help their citizens escape fifth world conditions🙏🇦🇺

Same with the British Embassy........ A bit like calling the speaking clock while wearing a watch........ I got to the point where i asked the senior guy at the Embassy what it feels like to be totally powerless ?    ( No response )   Typical.....

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