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Problems with social Security Manila

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I am having problems with the Filipino claims examiner at the social Security office. There was a discrepancy between my passport name and my birth certificate name.I use Steve for all my legal documents but on my birth certificate and social Security was Stephen. She told me I need to change my passport to my birth certificate name.I contacted social Security Baltimore and they told me that they would issue a new social Security card in Steve as long as I provide them with evidence that I have been using Steve for all documents.I They told me to send the documents to the Manila office and that Manila office would forward it to Baltimore I sent the email one month ago and resend the email to the Filipino and until now I have gotten no response. Apparently she may not like that I went over her head and contacted Baltimore So now I don't know what to do other than write a letter to the Baltimore office or try to call Baltimore office again. Anyone have any suggestions or experience like this

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i just wanted to clarify that the reason that I contacted Baltimore office was because I asked her politely please ask your supervisor to clarify but she told me she handles so many countries she is too busy.

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You could go to Manila personally and try.  They have walkin hours.

But, I got fed up dealing with Manila and actually made a special trip back home to get things straightened out.  Still had to wait a month before everything was settled and could come back here.

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