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Thai phones high quality compared to Chinese

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Or maybe Thai stores know to source the good brands from China? I'm curious to hear other's experiences with phones bought in each country. Here is mine:


1. First phone bought here at Tesco. Good. I dropped it and it broke

2. Vivo Y31L from Power Buy, 4,100 thb ($130 or so). Good. Eventually I ruined it by exposing it to water/sweat too often

3. Xgody from Aliexpress/China. $56 shipped. 16gb storage, 2gb ram. Very poor bluetooth, unusable in some circumstances. Phone itself didn't work as a handset either. 

4. Wiko brand phone, 2,100 thb or so from Big C. Good calls and bluetooth. Handles my needs. I think specs are lower, like 8gb internal 1gb ROM.

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You confused, none you mentioned are thai brands. All chinese brands just sold in Thailand.


there are established Chinese brands and copycats, works accordingly

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Thailand don't design and produce any local phone brand. They are either Korean or Chinese brands.


I bought a local Samsung TV and it gaved me quite a lot of problems after less than 3 months.


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