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Irish PM says EU has upper hand in Brexit trade talks with UK

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8 minutes ago, snoop1130 said:

Varadkar, in an interview with the BBC, compared the two sides to soccer teams and suggested that the EU would have the “stronger team” due to its larger population and market.


“The European Union is a union of 27 member states. The UK is only one country. And we have a population and a market of 450 million people,” he told the BBC.

Size gives EU quite a good advantage when it comes to making a trade deal. Still let's not forget that UK buys more products from the EU, than EU exports to UK. Services however is a whole different ballgame. 


Also EU can continue easy trading using it's existing trade deals around the globe, meanwhile UK has to create almost everything from the scratch. 


Most likely result is that this will be clean break Brexit. Few common sense deals, basic aviation etc., but no trade or service deals.

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1 minute ago, samran said:

Probably me being pedantic, but surely the UK buys exactly the same amount of goods that the EU exports to the UK? 

Oh yes. My mistake. I can't edit that post. I hope people still understand my brainfart. 

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9 hours ago, samran said:

Monty Pythons black knight comes to mind...

Varadkar is the EUs tool and his days are numbered.

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