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Thai tourism faces up to Bt100 bn loss from fear of virus

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For the first time in YEARS I'm thinking of selling some baht.  Not yet.  The baht has weakened in the last few weeks, BUT not like it's super worried over losing Pattaya or Bangkok.  


OK, like I said before, I'll wait until a bar girl gets it.  Call me crazy, but that would significantly hurt the economy.  I'm not even near any "red light" districts, so I have no idea what's going on....


OK, let me know if you hear anything.  I have a feeling they might not want to share a bar girl getting it....so then maybe I will just watch the baht.   


anyhow, this is life.  i thought the baht would strengthen for years.  



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45 minutes ago, Geoffggi said:

And this is the only thing that worries the government...... - Disgusting.!!!!!!!

This report is not from the Government.

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