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20 minutes ago, expat1010 said:

Are there a lot of Chinese tourists in Koh Lanta right now. Thinking of popping down but would prefer to avoid the throngs of Chinese Tourists

Pretty sure there are a lot of Chinese tourists everywhere right now. Quite scary considering 5 million people left Wuhan before they quarantined it.

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Lovely in Lanta, very few Chinese, mostly Europeans. Business that traditionally cater to the non-Chinese tourists doing very well. That said overbuilding here continues. Sometimes the best way to stay prosperous is to stay the same and restrict growth

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6 minutes ago, Solinvictus said:

Maybe we will start to see people buying those big plastic bubbles you can walk in..

Oh my, I want one even if there isnt a virus. I want a Nickleback sticker on mine.

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