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Timing of getting new US passport

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My passport expires in December. I need to do my annual extension based on retirement at Chaeng Wattana by early July. At that time, I assume the passport must have at least 1 year validity, correct?

The validity of the new passport starts on what date?

I get my Thai visa transferred to my new passport at CW and only CW, correct? Is there a certain number of days by which you must transfer the visa? How long does the transfer process take at CW? Can it be done on the same day as the retirement extension?

The US embassy website says I can apply at any time and it takes only a few weeks get the new passport. Is there any reason to wait, or should I just take care of it now? I guess I would save a few months on my renewal after this one if I don’t apply too early.

By the way, anyone done this in person at embassy? I am wary of putting the passport in the mail.

Thank you.



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If you do not have at least one year remaining on your passports validity when you apply for the extension it will only be valid to the date it expires. The you would have to apply for a new extension.

The new passport's validity will start from the day you apply for it at the embassy (my personal experience when I did it).

You can get the stamps transferred at your local immigration office (CW in your case) where you apply for your extension. It only takes an hour or less to do it. Best to get the stamps transferred as soon a possible to avoid having to show both passports ports if needed. 

The recommended amount of time to have remaining on your passport is at least 6 months due to many countries requiring 6 months remaining on your passport to enter them. In that case it would be June for you.

It is up to you how early you apply for a new passport. Just do it early enough to apply for your extension.

Average time to get a new one at the US embassy is about 2 to 3 weeks.

You can apply in person and they will mail the new passport to you. When you apply for it they will cancel your current passport and give it back to you.

Info is here. https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/passports/


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OP, why not obtain new pp at earliest convenience. Not sure about USA pp but I assume same as OZ 10year validity.

When I obtained new one I just travelled with both passports until I got the stamps transfered. 

BTW make sure you get "the letter" from embassy that permits Thai imm to transfer stamp details.

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I went through this process in 2019. My over-hang was about the same; ~ 6 months.


I'd recommend getting a new passport - mine took nine (9) calendar days (I went to the U.S. Embassy to apply/pay, then my new PP was mailed (via prepaid EMS) to me, along with the letter for Imm). You can apply by mail, maybe add a few days if going that route. Shortly thereafter, I went to CW and transferred the stamps (L desk for me w/ ext stay/ret), was told to use old PP for my multi reentry permit. Then ~ 5 months later I did my ext stay/ret-inc on my long-running "annual" renewal date.


My passport card (not a substitute for a passport; simply a RealID-compliant government-issued ID) took 18 days.


On-line 90 day reporting may not be possible until you have exited and re-entered the country. It hasn't for me - after having been able to do it ~ 11 times - so expect to have to file in person, through a third-party or by mail until you get back "in the system".


There are other places where you may have to update with your new passport: banks, utilities, Post Office box, mobile phone. Not sure about D/Ls? I haven't done anything for those.


If you have to travel you can keep your old passport, but you have to apply in person, prove a need (travel docs) and return to pick up the new passport.







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