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Thailand’s popularity dips in Europe

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Thailand’s popularity dips in Europe

By Don Ross




BANGKOK, 28 January 2020: There are certainly devils lurking in the details of Thailand’s tourist arrival statistics for 2019.


On the surface, welcoming 39.79 million tourists and clocking up a 4.24% increase to boot deserves an okey-dokey slap on the back for the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. But does it?


Whether you look at the 39.79 million visits rising 4.24%, or the revenue improving 3.05% to reach  THB1,876,136.90 million, there are some alarming trends once you move past the headlines.


Yes, China remains the top generating market with 10.9 million visits up 4.36% and revenue hitting THB543,707.33 million up 4.78%, and there are another 10 countries delivering 1 million visits each to Thailand’s border checkpoints. Move to the details and discover that of all the 11 top nations on the 1 million a year plus list only two are located outside of Asia — Russia (1.48 million) and the USA (1.16 million).


Among the top five supply markets, China dominates with almost 11 million visits, and if the novel coronavirus retreats during the first quarter of the year, Chinese visits to Thailand could top 12 million by the end of the year.


Full story: https://www.ttrweekly.com/site/2020/01/thailands-popularity-dips-in-europe/



-- © Copyright TTR Weekly 2020-01-28
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It's dropping lets see what happens in the low season Im not holding my breath especially if the sh@@ite from China gets a grip

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The Don Ross full article states 'Little is said about declines from Europe evident over the last few years...'.

Yet, delving into the TAT figures for the last few years (as Mr Ross is basing his whole article on the TAT data for 2019 he, presumably, is accepting these figures at face value) this comment is not backed up by the TAT data. Maybe that's why little is being said by TAT.........


The recent yearly Europe arrivals, as noted by TAT, have been:

2019 - 6.719m

2018 - 6.760m

2017 - 6.514m

2016 - 6.174m

2015 - 5.477m



Yes, the TAT figures come in for much criticism for lack of accuracy, but having accepted the 2019 data to have used them as the basis for his article, perhaps he needs to do a bit more research before making nonsense comments. 




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