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Bangkok Phuket International Hospital charges

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On 1/29/2020 at 6:20 AM, Somtamnication said:

The also charge an additional 100b PER medicine prescribed. I always get the medicine list and go to Santi in Phuket T. for about 70% to 150% less.

150 % less? Do you get payed to take their products then?

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Just to follow-up on my original post about my skin lesion.........    I was referred to the surgeon, this after the various creams I was given did nothing whatsoever, so he cut this lesion

I'm sure there's another thread somewhere about hospitals here and charges, but I couldn't find it, hence this new one.   Went along to the hospital today to get a skin lesion checked out, a

I was merely pointing out that the charges at this particular hospital, or should I say at two large private hospitals here are very likely to be inflated if you are a farang or paying by insurance.

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