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Coronavirus in Thailand: Should you be worried and do you need to wear a mask?

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Millions of people are scared. Thailand relies of Chinese tourism.  Everyone is wearing protection, a face mask. When will it end?


Are WE waiting for a specific announcement to feel safe...when?


I put a challenge out there for anyone that can rebuke what I am proposing. 


For the good of Thailand and it’s millions upon millions of caring people, the top officials of the Thai government Health Ministry and elsewhere within the Thai government at the highest level should awaken to the opportunity that now presents itself.  


What better time then now for the government to enact law for ALL persons in eateries, food establishments, those that handle and prepare food be required to where industry standard hand protection, such as gloves.  If not now then when? 


This opportunity enacted by the health department could lift the entire country to a new health standard.


Some examples of the Benefits:


*gloves act as a barrier for germs


*gloves prevent the spread of food poisoning pathogens


*gloves prevent the transmittal of various strains of cold and flu 


*gloves prevent transmittal of viruses, making them essential in preventing food poisoning outbreaks


*minimizes health risks


*perception of cleanliness, not the perceptions of uncleanliness 


*good practice 


*positive image seen by all, including tourists


*attract attention, potentially attracting more business 


*minimizes business risk to owner(s), and management


*common sense 


*it’s the right thing to do.




Thailand government officials can make this happen. If they make it happen, it will bring Thailand higher to global health standards.


If Thailand does nothing, if Thailand does not make it happen. It will be many many years and generations of lower health standards for the country.  


I think it is a fair question worth asking: At what point will Thailand act to improve conditions, and minimize potential health risks that we are all faced with today?  If not now, then when?


Collectively, we should all want this. Our goal is for this message to get the attention it deserves, at the highest possible level within the Thai government, that have full responsibility for considering this very important step to improve the safety and health of all of us NOW!


Thank you for your attention.



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9 hours ago, ThaiTony2 said:

those that handle and prepare food be required to where industry standard hand protection, such as gloves. 

How many sous chefs wear gloves.  Gloves are not required if food is to be cooked after prep.  Washing hands is essential when moving from say the preparation of food to cooking.

Do you ever see cooking programs, recipe vids etc etc with gloves on.

People serving 'ready to eat' foods need to wear gloves or use tongs.



There currently are no requirements for glove use in food service establishments, but, a “no bare hands” policy is recommended for handling ready-to-eat foods (e.g. sandwiches, salads). Gloves and utensils (such as tongs) can be used to minimize bare hand contact of food.


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That article is so full of misinformation that you should look elsewhere for more reliable facts and advice.


For instance, the use of face masks is actually very helpful in avoiding the virus but they didn't even touch on what the main reason for that is.  It has nothing to do with filtering airborne virus droplet; it has to do with preventing you from transferring the virus from your hands to your face. 


The probability of coming into contact with the virus is far greater from surface contact with a countertop, door knob, or something an infected person may have touched.  Think about it.

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