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British tourist in Pattaya requires medical treatment after night of passion goes painfully wrong

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British tourist in Pattaya requires medical treatment after night of passion goes painfully wrong



Image: Thairath


A British man needed medical treatment after ripping part of his penis when a night of passion with a Thai woman in Pattaya went painfully wrong. 


Details of the incident, which took place during the early hours of 25 January, were posted on the Sawangaboon Rescue Volunteer Facebook page, where it was shared 5.7k times. 


The volunteers who attended said they first thought they were attending a crime scene, due to the amount of blood discovered on the bed sheets.


The man, who the volunteers said was clearly in a large amount of pain, explained that he sustained the injury while having sex with the woman.


The volunteers treated him at the scene but said the man refused to go to the hospital.


The incident was picked up by Thairath, where it also proved of great interest to readers, with the corresponding post on Facebook being shared more than 2,000 times. 


According to a doctor who spoke to Thairath, the man, who was aged between 20-25, tore his frenulum. 


According to healthline.com while a frenulum tear is likely to be painful, it does not normally result in any long term complications, and as well as participating in vigorous sex, can also be sustained playing contact sports or riding a bicycle.




Source: https://www.thairath.co.th/news/society/1755986



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-28
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