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Dog attack: Pit Bull savages mother and toddler in NE Thailand

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Dog attack: Pit Bull savages mother and toddler in NE Thailand



Picture: Daily News


A mother and her two year old son were left with serious injuries in hospital after a savage Pit Bull attack.


Pornthip, 31, was hanging out her washing on Sunday and her son Chaichana, two and four months, was playing happily on his tricycle when the dog struck. 


Pornthip turned in horror to see her little boy being dragged into some banana trees by the ferocious beast.


She ran to help him and managed to get hold of him offering herself to the merciless attack of the vicious canine. 


Both were horrendously injured - especially the boy whose skull was showing. 


A 15 year old boy tried to get the dog off by getting a stick but in the end a neighbor came out and shot a gun in the air that scared off the dog. Both victims were rushed to hospital. 


A neighbor in rented accommodation keeps one female Pit Bull and one male. The male that attacked was subsequently taken away to be kept elsewhere. 


The neighbor has visited the victims and promised to pay all hospital bills. 


The landlord wants the dogs out permanently. 


Pornthip still plans to make a police report about the matter. 


Thaivisa notes that the "pit bull" is a type of dog rather than a specific breed and is descended from terriers and bulldogs. 


Source: Daily News



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-29
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7 minutes ago, Orton Rd said:

Where are the usual, my 4 'pitties' would not hurt a fly, they protect and play with our 6 month old baby when we are out posts? 😃 Another avoidable attack, avoidable because none of these bred for violence monsters should be alive in the first place

Do tell how exactly they breed them to be violent?

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