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Video: Amazing Thailand! If you see my giraffe please tell the authorities!

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Video: Amazing Thailand! If you see my giraffe please tell the authorities!
Picture: Daily News
Motorists on Route 304 thought for a moment they were in Africa after two giraffes were running all over the place at a busy intersection. 
Police and rescue services were soon dispatched to the Ban Khla area of Chachoengsao about 5.30 pm yesterday. 
Two kilometer tailbacks formed before one giraffe was shot with a tranquilizer dart at 7pm. 
But the other one evaded capture and headed for the woods. 
A six wheel truck driver (who perhaps understandably was not named) said he had been hired by Safari World to take the two giraffes from Suvarnabhumi airport to a new zoo in Prachinburi.
When he was stopped at the lights he noticed one of the giraffes poking his head out and escape. The other one soon followed. 
If you see a giraffe please stick your neck out and call the authorities, they would love to hear from you. 
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-29
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4 hours ago, Happy Grumpy said:


What did they do, call up some 6 wheel truck for rent from the side of the road?



Yes, I want to move a few giraffes.

Sure, I'll be around with a 6 wheeler in a few minutes.



I'm surprised they didn't just strap them onto a groundsman's Honda Wave.

Yeah lucky it sent two tigers

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At least they didn't kill it but used a tranquilizer dart. Progress.


Well, Thais can get seven people on a motorcycle, so two Giraffes in a pick up truck... yeah, no sweat Somchai.


It will be interesting to see how long it takes to find something as conspicuous as a Giraffe?

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1 hour ago, gomangosteen said:

Unfortunately the giraffe has been found dead in a pond, about 2km from where it had fled from the truck. 





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