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Brexit crusader Farage: "I'll miss playing the villain"

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1 hour ago, luckyluke said:

I and many others don't care because so far the E.U. didn't affect us directly.


Belgium has and still make laws for his own people, despite being a member of the E.U.


Other countries do as well, so was/is 

the U.K.


For instance, pension, a very important factor for a lot of posters here;

it is up to the U.K. to grant a much smaller amount to its citizens than Belgium do for theirs.


Being part of the E.U. or not doesn't come in consideration.


I hope it will keep this way.


Others here may be more concerned and express their opinion  for different reasons.


You are correct. One of the great urban myths in the UK is that all bad things are because of "EU law". 


Few British people seem to have checked the facts regarding the law in member states and how sovereign member law is not overruled by "EU law".


Maybe that attitude will change. I've seen many comments now about why the UK, one of the EU's wealthiest nations pays the lowest pensions.



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39 minutes ago, DefaultName said:

If Farrage hadn't kept going all these years, Brexit wouldn't be happening.  He stuck to the same message for 25 years, what other politician has done that? 


Don't forget that he walked away from a good career to do this, he'd personally be much better off if he hadn't but his principles forced him to do it.  


I'd shout him a beer any day of the week.

     Not sure that I'd shout him a beer. Maybe a milkshake?








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2 minutes ago, Laughing Gravy said:

Yes a typical lefty, socilaist, luvvy response which is anti democratic. It is assault and nobody whatever they believe in, deserves that. People that resort to these stupid, ignorant tactics deserve all they get that Karma returns for them.

Yeah. This kind of behaviour is stupid. But so was the killing of Jo Cox. 

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