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Tears and cheers as EU lawmakers give final nod to Brexit

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Cry me a river, you silly lady! And speak for yourself; it is not our identity and never was. 

They tried every trick in the book to prevent this and failed on every count 😂

Those crying it's more likely because they won't be getting paid anymore by the gravy train

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 Brexit Party lawmakers waved goodbye to the chamber with mini Union Jack flags and chanted "Hurray!", but their Socialist compatriot Jude Kirton-Darling choked back tears.

:violin::burp::partytime2::hit-the-fan: above quote translated to emojis

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Well, finally...that is finally the UK government can resume (dare I say) 'normal' function of what it is supposed to be doing. Perhaps the UK can get back to some kind of stability and begin building on old relationships and a few new ones too.

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