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Welcome to GATE 14 Inn in beautiful Nakhon Phanom!

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Welcome to GATE 14 Inn in beautiful Nakhon Phanom!
tel +66 956 653 814  mail [email protected]  facebook gate 14 inn line id gate14inn


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Our place

Our GATE 14 Inn have friendly English speaking staff and is located in the center of the city; 1 minute walk from the Mekong river and the famous Naga Landmark. 


Visit http://gate14inn.simplesite.com for hotel and tourist information, maps, photos and more.



At GATE 14 Inn we strive to be eco-friendly and green. We replaced all traditional light bulbs with LED light, we have the newest low energy LED TVs and fridges. We do all we can to contribute to protect our environment and we kindly ask our customers to help by saving water and electricity. We try to help reduce pollution by not letting out more detergent than necessary. 




We have 4 large family rooms (approximately 52m2) and 4 standard size rooms (approximately 32m2). The large rooms have 1 queen size bed and a single size bed; the standard room have 1 queen size bed. All rooms are equipped with: WiFi, air condition, large LED flat screen tv, table and chairs, a make-up table with large mirror, in-room toilet and shower with a water heater, a fridge and also a balcony.


Please visit http://gate14inn.simplesite.com for room photos and more.


Relaxing Zone

Downstairs by the reception, you will find the Relaxing zone and a designated smoking area. You can buy refreshments or beer if you want to chill out while exploring the internet, watching TV or just watching life passing by on the street. 


Around in Nakhon Phanom

There are many interesting things to see, explore and enjoy in Nakhon Phanom. Famous temples, Weekend market by the Mekong river, house of Ho Chi Minh and the Under Water World museum just to mention a few.  Please visit our website if you want more information about tourism in Nakhon Phanom.


Biking in Nakhon Phanom


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And if you like biking, why not try out Nakhon Phanom’s famous bicycle boulevard? Nakhon Phanom has grown quite a large bicycle culture during the last many years. Some mornings - very early - a lot of people gather for a morning bicycle ride. Sounds interesting? We have bicycles for you to use - free of charge.


Nakhon Phanom city has built a 14 km bicycle boulevard in the shores of Mekong, from the southern part of the city and all the way out to the Friendship Bridge - and another 45 km is planned.


GATE 14 Restaurant & Coffee shop




And when you become hungry; our GATE 14 Restaurant & Coffee shop is just across the street serving food (no MSG or sugar), craft beer and European style coffee.


If you need something or have questions, please just ask us at the reception.

We are happy to help !


Contact us for booking or inquiries:

tel +66 956 653 814

mail [email protected]

lin id  gate14inn

facebook  gate 14 inn



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