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Vietnam puts the kibosh on foreigners

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I now find out that 1st July everyone who isn't married, running a business etc. will be limited to tourist visa 30 days , then a border run,...period.

I am still trying to find out of a decent visa agent in Saigon to get my last 90 day tourist visa before then...from USA. Before I decide what to do next. Don't know if I have it in me at my age to take an entire day every month to through that stuff, and of course the immigration officials at the borders will just love the new revenue stream. Then will keep following Thailand and then limit those to 6 a year? Party is over I guess.

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If this is true, its no longer an alternative...three months was bad enough but having to leave and pay every month is madness. A few reports coming out of Manila and Angeles that PI is clamping down on being able to do tourist visas for three years, now requiring people to be married or SRRV

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at least thjeir decision allows existing long term visas, to run out their term...

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