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Ten foreigners arrested in Phi Phi area for illegal dive work

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Ten foreigners arrested in Phi Phi area for illegal dive work



Picture: Naew Na


Krabi immigration swooped arresting ten westerners who they say were working illegally for a dive company.


The bust was in the middle of the sea and back on land at a dive shop. 


Arrested were men from Greece, Italy, Britain and Israel. Also nabbed were women from Denmark, America and Britain. Their ages ranged from 23 to 39. 


Most of them were arrested in the sea off Koh Poda Nok.


Arrested on land was an eleventh man from Myanmar who did not have a work permit. 


The boat had the name "World Dive" on the front. 


Naew Na said that this was part of immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong "Big Oud" Chingduang's drive to rid Thailand of illegal foreigners. 


They advised the public to continue calling 1178 to report transgressions. 


Source: Naew Na




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-01-31
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I'm suprised that with the Thai labour laws anyone can even do a divemaster course in Thailand. Divemaster course literature requires a trainee DM to assist an instructor with training open water or Discover Scuba divers. Or did at least when I used PADI's course literature.


How is that not working even if it is required for training?


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9 minutes ago, katatonic said:

Using the resources of immigration to combat crop burning - that would really be thinking out of the box..

Very likely that Burmese etc. are doing the burning for the land owner. So yes, there is a crossover. However, they need to get out there and get off their collective asses. Chances of that happening - Zero. 😞

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13 minutes ago, legend49 said:

So has Immigration got a Smartboat now to add to the fleet of Smartcars?

Surprisingly ............. Yeeeesssss. 🙂


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7 hours ago, cornishcarlos said:


Been foreigners working illegally in the dive business since it started here !!

There are some good Thai dive professionals but not nearly enough to meet the demand...

Another nail in the tourism coffin ?? Probably not, just one company annoyed another company, who then stitched them up 🙂

Many a Thai asks me about jobs in and outside the country, as they are having trouble paying their bills.  If being a strong swimmer and being able to take a course that leads to decent employment is all that is needed,  I know people who need money enough to give it a try.


Larry's dive off Sukhimvit.  Use to be the place where divers use to drink.  The Good thing the place shutdown before the green wet blankets usurped power. 

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You do not have to be very clever to still work without a work permit in the current conjuncture, I speak at least for the farangs. The Asians of the neighboring countries, even if some get caught they are more likely to be able to hold years without problems, the farangs not anymore like a few years ago.

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