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Brexit at last: Britain leaves the EU as champagne corks fly

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2 hours ago, Loiner said:

Yes we do want it. Particularly HS3 too.
It's the twenty first century and the whole country should benefit from a full high speed rail network. (Even the Scottish part of it!). The current rail network is failing and we all deserve better than tarted-up Victorian remnants. Better sharpen the pencil on the costs though.

Even when the costs were only 30billion no one I spoke to wanted it, lots of protests and petitions though. If the UK could ever complete a job on budget I'd be open to it, but they'll need a bottomless pit of money to complete this to ultimately save some people 20minutes or so.

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Brexit is a defining moment for UK and it will also affect the Western world. There is a political war being waged between moral Nationalism (ordinary People) and progressive Globalism (Elites).  Brex

Finally! congratulations to my friends from the UK.  


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11 hours ago, AussieBob18 said:

Brexit is a defining moment for UK and it will also affect the Western world. There is a political war being waged between moral Nationalism (ordinary People) and progressive Globalism (Elites).  Brexit is a huge win for the ordinary People.  Trump being re-elected in 2020 will be another.  There are so many things wrong in the western world after 3 decades of progressive Globalism policies, that it will take at least a decade to redress them all.  Brexit is a big part of the changes that are coming.


I disagree with you in one point:  Never in anyone's life time we shall be able to fix it - or "redress" it, as you call it

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13 minutes ago, White Christmas13 said:

It didn't take long to rub of Britain from the EU map.

What are you talking about? What is Britain?

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3 hours ago, smedly said:

What was Germany's objective from 1900-1945 - European military and political domination and failed twice 


What is happening in the EU right now - a simple trading block ?




Political Domination and now moving towards a military power - the idea of a simple trading block was lost a long time ago


Scotland and SNP has nothing to do with the EU - it is an inherent hate for anything English resurrected in Scotland by a "Republican movement" not dissimilar to N.Ireland's republicans, they don't care about the benefits of being in the UK as one nation - they don't tell the truth about what their so called independence would really mean - they would expect the UK to maintain support just as it is now lol


The reality is somewhat different, just like the Republic of Ireland they refuse to accept or admit to the benefits they receive - the ROI has a rude awakening coming and quite frankly so does Scotland if they follow the SNP into oblivion 


Scotland would take with it a share of total UK debt which they would be paying off for decades - inward investment from the UK would cease - they would not qualify to join the EU - I would await them begging to rejoin the United Kingdom were they belong 


Stupid people

This is just so true, brilliant post

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5 hours ago, alien365 said:

The North doesn't want it (HS2), so fingers crossed Boris will do the right thing.

Any evidence to back that up? 


I ask, because that's not what's being said here in the UK.


Just one recent example


"We need HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail delivered together, in full," said the leader of Manchester City Council Sir Richard Leese, part of the Connecting Britain campaign.



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4 hours ago, CG1 Blue said:

he French give us Foie Gras, which is extremely cruel to produce, and extremely unhealthy to eat. I wonder why the wonderful EU haven't banned Foie Gras..

 I wonder why you don't check facts. A 1998 EU report came out heavily against it's production, and it is illegal under EU regulations. 


Although it's banned in most EU member states, the French ignore the ban and have several lawsuits against them pending in the ECJ because of this.


But I assume any Brexiteer would want the French to tell the EU and ECJ where they can stick their rulings!

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2 hours ago, sharksy said:

This is just so true, brilliant post

I see,

so you and this Smedly character totally agree that jocks are stupid people


good to learn


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7 hours ago, TheDark said:

I identify myself as European. 


Verhofstadt's speeches has been fun to watch. He manages to trigger English boomers even better than Greta does. Simply for saying the blunt truths, which the older generation never used to hear. I know it's far too late for the elderly to change their minds anymore. It's still fun to see veins popping like balloons. 


Verhofstadt is the more educated and brighter version of Nigel Farage, who also is kind of pain in the horse for people who wish to have unity among people. So this goes both ways.


UK is no longer leaving. UK has now left. Nothing can change that fact.


What happens next is going to be far more fun as long as you like a bit darker humour. 


Verhofstadt couldn't trigger a water pistol and his name will disappear into history as quick as a flea fart.

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