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Inspiring confidence! French man nabbed on 1,935 day overstay

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Inspiring confidence! French man nabbed on 1,935 day overstay



Picture: Naew Na


Naew Na reported that a patrol of Samut Prakan immigration and local police went to a condominium in Bang Kaew, Bang Plee where they found a French man on overstay. 


Philipp H., aged 40, had overstayed his welcome in the kingdom by 1,935 days - well over five years. 


The media said this was part of Thai immigration's measures to rid the country of illegal foreigners and inspire confidence among Thais, foreigners and tourists. 


Pol Col Parinya Klinkaysorn chief of Samut Prakan immigration "revealed" this was all part of immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong Chingduang's masterplan. 


The public were asked to continue to call 1178 to report transgressions. 


Thaivisa notes that the Naew Na report reads like a template with only the names and dates changed from previous stories of this nature. 


Source: Naew Na




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-03
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Really find the use of the word "rid" distasteful. Suggests action taken is against vermin or pest. Very dehumanizing language.

I like the PLO scarf.

Exactly! what a heinous, vile, sickening crime ......... overstaying.   Murderers, rapists, drunk drivers, kiddie fiddlers drug dealers just pale into insignificance compared to this willful

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1935 days? Seriously? He deserves whatever happens to him.


People on that long an overstay should get a month at the famous Bangkok Hilton for a couple years prior to being sent home for good. That's if they survive that long.

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Considering market catering to foreigners is in deep doodoo, perhaps immigration should back off rounding up people who spend money (I assume), over staying or not.... send them back to Issan for a month?

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