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Some people just aren't into body fluid exchange.


More than that though, have things always been like this, or is she getting more distant as time goes on.


One's attraction to their partner often fades with familiarity. Familiarity breeds contempt.


Minor irritations over time can eliminate all desire for physical closeness. Sometimes you gotta reset, erasing memories of those minor irritations with fun, romantic surprises. Just an idea.

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anyhow, the worst reaction to her game... is fighting it. 


It has been put into her head. 

When it suddenly happened to me... I had to walk my memory back to try to recall the trigger.

And then it popped out the head - I had (5 years earlier, described to her about my past Ex (btw... never tell thai mrs about your ex problems) any way... about my Ex who had out of the blue feigned embarrassment about 'affection'. In that case I'd found it was that there was a BF in the village, who she was scared to find she had 'me' too.  

Rolling forward, I made the mistake of recounting this to current thai mrs.

She remembers everything downloaded, and puts it away until ready to 'replay' it back on me.

The no kissing, no affection, no 'hello' in the morning kiss, the no goodnight kiss etc etc


bottom line - do not take it personally... it has nothing to do with 'you'  


you could go back thru your own memory...

  the times when she goes on with the " some girl she say, some girl she say..."

  - mostly about what another cow in the herd had learnt, from yet another cow.


her restrictions will increase... sometimes like a lightning bolt



but it is nothing you have actually done To Her



There's a lot more, but I think you get the jest?

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1 hour ago, habuspasha said:

She won’t kiss me.  Not just in public, but even when we’re alone.  She says she doesn’t like it.  So I can’t kiss her either.  Except on the cheek or the top of her head as she leans in to me.  But not on the lips.  That is, not on the lips of her mouth: So it’s not a fear of contagion.  I understand why bar girls and sex workers won’t kiss.  But we have been exclusive for over five years now.  I guess it’s more a Thai thing: no public display of affection; not even expressive private display of feelings.  So there’s also no foreplay, no cuddling.  Have others experienced anything like this?  If so, did things change?  How? Or do you just accept it?


Funny...the Thai gals Ive been with insist on gruelling tonsil hockey before moving to the next step.

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You do know you have options/choices too - right!  You can find another thai girl that will kiss.  

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24 minutes ago, Bullie said:

My wife will accept it when I kiss her on the lips, but she will NEVER initiate it. At times, when I've been a really good boy, or when she is just plain horny, she will sniff my neck, but deeply. That is the time to move in, and play out your game. Only happens once in a blue moon, though.


Other than that, the sexual path between my wife and me is a stony one, sometimes no sex for over a year. Lots of intimacy, but no sex.

I have 2 explanations: 1: asian women don' t care for sex over a certain age (around 45). 2: since I got my wife from the bar, and she is now quite into Buddha, it has something to do with doing penance.


Unfortunately, in either case it leaves me high and stranded. So I got me a (few) mia-noi.


Best not to mention this to wifey, though.

Hrt mate , hrt - a game changer for me and the missus. me 58 she 55.

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