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Rayong: Friend douses his pal in gasoline and sets fire to him at coin-op pump

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Cant understand why no one called ambulance and have him to hospital.

You can put out the fire, but never remove clothes.

It can rip the skin from the body.

All you can/must do then is put the one in water, to cool down the fire spots long time, the burn goes on in the body and has bigger impact on body and recovery. Even dirty water is better then no water at all.

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9 hours ago, South said:

Kids will be kids ..... who out of everybody reading this has have done anything stupid?

Agreed, horrible accident and nobody has suggested one of the kids had any malevolent intent. I had a helluva time stopping my (around) 9 year old playing with lighters. Around that age, they're fascinated by flame and finding out what burns and what doesn't. Got to the point that every time I found a lighter from the two itinerant smokers on the property laying around, I would bin them and tell them as much when they were having an, "I left it here somewhere" moment. The hassle of buying a new one versus keeping it in your pocket finally prevailed... just abound the same time my lad's nascent interest in pyromania waned.


WRT your question, possibly only those who maybe think they've never posted anything stupid?

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1 hour ago, cooked said:

So, send him to hospital and let them take care of the burning clothes? 

No. After removing the burning clothes and attending to the boy, someone should have taken him to hospital or called an ambulance.

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