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Best Thai Language School in Bangkok

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Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations for good Thai language courses in Bangkok. 

I noticed the last thread on this was by someone who doesn't genuinely want to learn Thai. I do. I really want to learn Thai and the ability to get a Visa at the same time sounds perfect! :)

So I'll admit to wanting to keep costs down but courses that aren't visa mills etc would be great and of course ones that are good and I will actually learn Thai! 

It sounds like people abusing the Education visa has led to multiple entry Visas being harder to get which is a shame as I would ideally like and probably need at least a year. 


(Dual National with British & Australian Citizenship, currently living in Australia). 


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Thank you!


On 2/9/2020 at 11:47 AM, cmarshall said:

There are only two programs for teaching Thai to foreigners whose standards compare to those of Western universities: 


Intensive Thai Program at Chulalongkorn University.  Looks like the current schedule is five days a week for three hours per day.  This is an excellent program.  The teachers are highly qualified and very well coordinated.  It is a challenging program where the workload in new vocabulary is > 30 words per day.  The other students in the small class will be from all over the world and highly motivated.  Will qualify the student for a student visa.



Sumaa Language and Culture Institute


Most instruction is one-on-one with an instructor who will coordinate the material with your interests and objectives.  Other students at Sumaa include or have included ambassadors and attaches from multiple embassies, CEOs, academics, and others, many of whom have become fluent in Thai.  Schedule is per the student.  Will not qualify the student for a student visa.




I have studied in the Chula Intensive Thai program a few years ago and have been continuing at Sumaa for more than five years.  I can recommend both without reservation, but for your visa requirements only Chula will serve.


There are no other options for serious students in Bangkok. Both programs are expensive by Thai standards, but cheap by Western standards.  Failure is generally cheaper than success.


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This is an old thread, but still gets good reviews.



I have taken the "free hour" and was quite impressed by the tutor.




I am just about to embark on an intensive course - just deciding where.





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