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Taiwan says China feeding WHO wrong information about virus cases on island

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On 2/6/2020 at 7:38 PM, snoop1130 said:

On Tuesday, the WHO corrected the number of cases reported on the island after having said there were 13. At the time Taiwan had only 10. Taiwan said on Thursday there were now 13 cases,

Maybe China knew something that Taiwan didn't? 😷😷😷

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14 minutes ago, recom273 said:

I hear many cities are in lockdown, not just Wuhan. Wenzhou is for sure. The kids are learning via some hurried internet classroom live-link, my contact in Xi'an has been told that it may be May before her kid goes back.


Its going to be an interesting time over the next few weeks when the companies are wanting to start opening. What happens in the long run, if this continues, companies cant afford to pay worker to stay at home one the governments say-so.



They are and you're quite correct about the fear and paranoia. Sickness is the big bad wolf in China.


The lockdowns are voluntary. An advisory came out about 'journey only when necessary' and everyone in my city is locked away at home. I look down on the main thoroughfare and it's twenty or thirty cars a minute, few electric bikes and empty buses going through there. Everybody is masked. I havent been out for 16 days.


There are 32 cases in my city (1 in 200,000) and two deaths so far so it's feeling like overkill. With only 32 in Thailand and no deaths I wonder what everyone is panicking about.


There's a phased return to work by business type starting tomorrow, but by no means a mass surge back.

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11 minutes ago, Traubert said:

I havent been out for 16 days.

Don't be a wuss, get out there and get us some real on the ground reporting (but take a look out for the cops) 😀

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3 minutes ago, Pique Dard said:

if infected by the coronavirus, is death inevitable or can one be cured?

Coronavirus Cases:

of which 6,494 
in serious/critical condition






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