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Britain eyes early free trade pact with Australia after leaving EU

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9 hours ago, codebunny said:

Vegemite is so much better than that Marmite sh!t. I don't know why British people pretend to like it.

It's like the BBC, and the NHS we all know they're  not that good, but people cling on like they matter.

I tried Vegemite once as it was obviously cheaper than Marmite, but it clearly lacked the subtle tang and edgy hint of spice that Marmite is well known for.

I love Aussies, but as they have butchered the English language with their insistence on ending every word in y or ie- brekkie, prezzie for example, so their attempt to emulate the iconic Marmite has resulted in a loss of subtlety and refinery. Is it called 'veggie' down under?

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Start with Marmite then the Aussies wouldn't have to eat that Vegemite sh!t.

Hopefully he didn't have a jetlag after so many hours of flights and time differences.    EU is also visiting Australia for trade talks. I wonder which one Australia considers more important

Given the ant-British vitriol pouring from Irish politicians I would make sure the first trade deal with Australia is for products that Ireland used to provide.

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