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has anybody ever just flown to a non tourist city in thailand just to get away from farang

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11 hours ago, Number 6 said:

I was talking about nakon si thammart.


Songkla is ok. Boring, no beach. My wife has a good friend who's a housing developer there. Hat Yai is ok for passing through

Chalatat Beach is 3-4kms long.

Town is boring nowadays though (if you're after 'attention'); not what it was.

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21 hours ago, Gweiloman said:

What do you have against farangs? 

I've lived in Thailand for over 15 years. I didn't come here to schmooze with Farangs. I do play golf, and do socialize for a few hours with other Farangs at the golf course a couple days a week. That's enough for me.

Farangs visiting Thailand, especially tourists, are, of course, a mixed lot, but I have found too many of them do not share the same values as I have. Because of that, I tend to avoid them, or at least approach them with caution.

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It's a balance thing, I think. When I lived in Phuket, I enjoyed the social life of being on a truly mixed dart team, working in a multi-national environment and all that.


But a few incidents put me off. One time as I was walking to work past Bangkok Hospital in Samkong, I noticed a Caucasian couple with a baby in front of Bangkok Hospital. I saw them trying to talk to a tuk-tuk driver, who was literally holding the map that had given him upside down.


At the time, I knew all about the public transport options in Phuket Town, so I offered my help. But not only did they reject my offer, but they were quite rude about it. I guess maybe they thought I was calling their coping/negotiation skills into question. After that I sort of gave up trying to help tourists in Phuket, unless they approached me.


Now that I live in Ranode, where the only other expats are a Finnish couple and a Kansas City Chief's fan, I will walk right up to any foreigner I meet here and introduce myself. And they are almost always friendly back to me.

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