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Chiang mai mystery booms are back

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Hello, I created a thread about this maybe 1 or 2 years ago. Recently I have noticed these 'boom' sounds again in the early morning hours. It sounds like a series of explosion far away, sometimes like around 10 in a row. I'm living near Wat Umong. The other day I heard them around 4:45am. Today (Sunday 9th February) around 5 am. This time I managed to snap a video. I hope you can see (and hear) this:



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Sounds kind of strange in your video, but maybe that's due to the bad recording quality.

Thais make noise (sounds like shooting a gun, no idea if they really shoot or if they use fireworks) if somebody dies, maybe this was what you recorded.

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Just now, Moonlover said:

Ground staff often use pyrotechnics called maroons or sometimes large 'air cannons' to scare birds off the airfield. This is usually done early in the morning before the first flights.

Moonlover thank you. I have heard and seen those air bursts for a couple years since I have been living here. No clue why they did this. They usually do them in series of 2 and you can see they airburst explosion. I look due west across central, the airport, and you see the smoke blasts against Doi Sutheps flanks. I am on the 4th floor if I was lower I would not be able to see those explosions. Thanks for the explanation.


They just shot two as I was typing, but too hazy today to see what the explosion took place

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Anybody know who I can call at airport to set up a bird feeding selfie area for when the chinese return in double after this small virus issue....they can set off all the "booms" they want---wont scare off my chinese bird lovers.....as my whistle doesnt seem to work when Im biking and they walk in the street.......

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