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BOWIN house for rent ? BOWIN house for sale ? investment opportunity ?

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I am looking for a house in Bowin area but it seems hard to find ?

do you know which websites have some offers ?


Maybe most people who work at Bowin stay around Sriracha / Laemchabang / Pattaya ? what do you think ?

It's a bit boring to drive 40+ kms each way daily to go to work.


As I am looking for a house to rent and don't seem to find one easily, I am wondering if it could be an investment opportunity for the future ?

I have found 1 or 2 new villages but they only sell and the villages are not yet finished, so maybe it could be interesting to buy a house and rent it to others when i don't need it anymore ? Or maybe it's only me and people prefer to drive to Sriracha or Pattaya everyday after work ? (what about trafic in this area ?)


Bowin is developing and if more people work there, they will need to stay somewhere, and i don't see many condos / apartments also.


Please help me to think 🙂








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On 2/11/2020 at 7:43 AM, Toosetinmyways said:

I know 6 westerners who work in Bowin. 3 live in Pattaya, 3 live in Rayong. Some Indians live in in Ban Chang.

When I worked there years ago there was no social life for expats and from what I hear it's not much different now. As you say  Ban Chang and Rayong.

Pattaya would not be my choice, but that's me.

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4 hours ago, BuyHouseBowin said:

And do you know any website or agency that proposes houses for rent ?

I already drove around but it's big and not easy to check.


DDProperty has a few houses for rent in Bo Win. Unfortunately, DDProperty doesn't do a good job of cleaning up old  adds, so in all likelihood some of the listed properties are no longer for rent.

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