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Two dead in Phuket speedboat collision

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R.I.P. The full story will never be revealed, however, we can all see what happened.

Not the best advert for the Russian tourism trade.

If the "drivers" had killed 2 Chinese tourists they'd probably be on the front pages and locked up by now

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Can't  drive on  land cant drive  on the water, want to fly  with them?

Hardly any tourists and they still manage to hit each other. What a farce. 

Probably because swerving first would be a loss of face.

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13 hours ago, pattayadgw said:

The 2 captains released on 150k bail and banned from driving for 2 years........ you have to be joking???????

Many people shaking their heads in despare especially after the police had requested that bail be denied. "Phuket City’s police chief told reporters that police had requested that the court deny bail"






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On 2/10/2020 at 10:54 PM, kiwikeith said:

think the enlightened one should call for an enquiry by science doctors to see how this phenomenon is passed on

Problem is that these "science doctors" must be of western origin....

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