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Two dead in Phuket speedboat collision

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Can't  drive on  land cant drive  on the water, want to fly  with them?

Hardly any tourists and they still manage to hit each other. What a farce. 

Probably because swerving first would be a loss of face.

Posted Images

Two dead, 21 injured in Phuket as speedboats collide





Two Russian boys aged 12 and six succumbed to their injuries after two speedboats collided early on Monday (February 10) in Phuket.


The accident happened near Royal Marina Pier in Koh Kaew subdistrict, Muang district.


Officials rushed to investigate the scene along with rescue staff from Narenthorn Andaman Foundation. Twenty-three tourists, mostly Russian nationals, were rescued but hospitalised with injuries.


Twelve of the injured were rushed to Bangkok Phuket Hospital, one was sent to Vachira Phuket Hospital, six were sent to Siriroj Hospital and four including the two Russian boys whose injuries proved fatal, were sent to Mission Hospital Phuket.


Police said the two boats were identified as ‘Payan 5’ registered under SeaStar Andaman Co Ltd and ‘Payan 9’ registered under Andaman Leisure Phuket Co Ltd.


The Payan 5 boat was travelling from Nga Peninsula in Ratsada subdistrict to pick up tourists at the pier when it collided with the Payan 9 boat which was full of tourists.




Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30381891



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-02-10
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1 hour ago, Old Croc said:

Thaiger has video of the actual collision, as well as disturbing vision of attempts to revive the children.

Both drivers (won't call them captains) were speeding in the channel and neither seemed to attempt to swerve to avoid the other.



They were speeding at a pretty alarming rate in such a small channel. I doubt anybody will be prosecuted for this, despite the 2 poor children who lost their lives 

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