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I  know, it is possible to get a license for Thailand, if you are a licensed German Ham.


No idea of other countries...







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On 10/19/2020 at 3:54 PM, RichCor said:

For former or would-be Hams that are just interested in the "live chat" and DX aspect of making contacts they might be interested in checking out Network Radio implemented over Internet. 


Network Radio has been popularized by Internet communications companies like Zello that focus on supporting push-to-talk voice messaging over the Internet. Many android phone manufacturers now have versions that closely emulate a hand-held radio (but use WiFi or Mobile Data network to interact with other users).


A couple of UK Ham operators have set up a group of 'channels' on Zello for folks who can't do the shack and long/tall antennas anymore. Take a look at this 'monitor' page to see how it's being used:



^-- just unmute the active talk channel to listen to a digital stream
     The same page has links on how to get involved.



They have been around for years , but I feel it's like cheating really.  The real radio contact for me must be over the radio waves with an antenna.   I miss those days . 

There are some club stations you can join that will allow you to run a remote station so you can operate an HF rig via the internet. That's more real to me. 



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