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Not just Chinese travellers staying away as virus shakes Thai tourism

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when you have govt ministers abusing westerners and refusing to apologize to them, calling for them to be removed from the country and asking the thai people to help him it doesnt help especially when

But according to all the data released by the Thai government there is no real virus problem in Thailand - only 34 cases and most of them are all recovered    So what is wrong with these peo

The virus and then rude government officals spouting dislike for foreigners and the mass shooting should just about finish all the tourism off. Well done! and it is all connected to the military one w

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Well these xenophobic comments by the Thai Public Health Minister which have now been viewed by over 700,000 people certainly didn't help the cause as it shows what the Thai Government really think of us behind the scenes. Karma at it's best!



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Just now, timendres said:

And we are in early days. Another month or so, and we will see the true state of affairs. My bet? It is going to look much uglier.

Well I hope so. The baht is ridiculously overpriced. We need to see this country suffer an economic collapse so that it can rebuild itself into a better one at a slower pace. I really do feel for the local business owners but the way the country has operated in the last 20 years it is just not sustainable.  

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Well... Singapore, mentioned above won't be too pleased with this:


Coronavirus: 300 evacuated from MBFC Tower 3 after confirmed case at DBS Asia Central



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9 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

I bet Zero.

There is no official international traveling warning regarding Thailand.

No refunds.

Yes I guess the Hotels would have been fully booked this time of the year so likely they still have income even if they're half empty.

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2 minutes ago, madmen said:

Just wow. 


Carrying that level of hate is sick 

I don't think he means anything personal to the families that will suffer. But unfortunately it is them that WILL suffer due to the actions of the elite and their distain for foreigners (particularly 'farangs' who apparently should be kicked out). An economic collapse in Thailand may be good for the country and wake some people up. 

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Those refunds are based on hotel policies and many times are based on travel agencies. A bit of a catch 22 with your money. Some hotels I know are actually refunding due to a general understanding that should be done to avoid negative feedback on TA and other online agencies and it is no one's  fault.

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53 minutes ago, fforest1 said:

I am predicting the virus drama will run for at least 1 year.....Time to crack down on the remaining nasty farang that are still here...

for once it is all over (just like the post ww2 thai amnesia)

- only the falang will have the head for talking about the past

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7 minutes ago, CanuckThai said:


Ok.  So Thai tourism will potentially lose X, Vietnam tourism will potentially lose 2X+ of what Thailand will.  Question: is Vietnam's tourist revenue 2+ times that of Thailand, or is there that much "shrinkage" in reported tourism revenue in Thailand?  

Unfortunately the figures that Thailand quote are unreliable at best, just like the corona virus figures. If people seriously think that the Thai economy is doing as well as being reported then there will be quite a few shocks in coming months and years. 

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