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Not just Chinese travellers staying away as virus shakes Thai tourism

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when you have govt ministers abusing westerners and refusing to apologize to them, calling for them to be removed from the country and asking the thai people to help him it doesnt help especially when

But according to all the data released by the Thai government there is no real virus problem in Thailand - only 34 cases and most of them are all recovered    So what is wrong with these peo

The virus and then rude government officals spouting dislike for foreigners and the mass shooting should just about finish all the tourism off. Well done! and it is all connected to the military one w

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21 hours ago, Tony125 said:

Scientists say the pangolin endangered by Chinese smuggling passed the coronavirus to humans




Well hopefully that will get through in China and the poor creatures might be left alone.

Needs big headlines on social media.

Eating tigers willies shrinks your willie.

Eating bats will cause you to die in pain just after your willie drops off.

Eating pangolin will shrink your goolies and then your willie will drop off.

The people who tell you all the above is not true are only saying it's not true because their willies have dropped off and they want yours to drop off as well.

Spread the gospel on eating wild life and willies dropping off.

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On 2/14/2020 at 4:45 PM, Tony125 said:

For your information:



A: There is currently no strong evidence to support the claim that the virus can be transmitted through the air.

It is believed to be spread mainly through droplets, such as from the mucus or saliva of an infected person who sneezes or coughs.

Infectious diseases expert Leong Hoe Nam said the virus is likely to die when the droplets dry up.

Experts say if the virus could really survive even after the droplets carrying it have dried up, it would have spread through the air as dust particles and potentially infected 10 times more people, which is not the case.

Last week, a Shanghai official, Mr Zeng Qun, said the virus could spread through aerosol transmission, or the mixing of the virus with airborne liquid droplets.
*** Therefore the masks can prevent those who have it from spreading it thru coughs/sneezing and somewhat protect others from being sprayed in face when the infected sneeze. Have seen nurses wearing masks and face shields-----face shields protect your eyes from getting sprayed ( droplets) by patients sneezing but would not protect from airborn virus. Washing hands or using alcohol to wipe them and surfaces sparyed on will also lessen the chance of infection. ***

I read or heard that it is airborne ( I don't remember exactly how or when I did ). If that's incorrect, apologies.

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Coronavirus deaths and infections spike outside China, worrying officials



As Pandemic Looms, World’s Top Disease Fighter Engages Xi



Tedros needs the support of China’s all-powerful President Xi Jinping to increase on-the-ground access for the world’s best infectious disease experts. Xi, meanwhile, is facing public anger over his government’s handling of the crisis and has bristled at foreign criticism.

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