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Thailand and guns: Media mentions thousands of deaths from gun violence - but the USA is worse

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I saw several news accounts that the Korat shooter purchased three weapons through the 'Army welfare program'.  Is there a limit on the number of weapons that can be purchased under the program? What, if anything, prevents these weapons being sold on the 'black' or 'gray' market'?


Based on what I have 'heard' but with no personal experience, I was always under the impression that if you had enough money, getting a gun in Thailand wasn't a problem. 


I would also be curious to know if carrying a weapon in Thailand is legal and whether the Thai government issues permits to gun holders.

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35% of U.S. mass shooters (lone, male, 18-59) are veterans, whereas 14.76% of the general population (male, 18-59) are veterans. A mass shooter is 2.37 times more likely to be a veteran than a random person is. - The Foreign Policy Journal


Of course veterans are not all mass shifters waiting to explode.


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