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Expiring Permission to Stay, change to Tourist V?

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9 minutes ago, BritTim said:

Thank you for correcting a misapprehension I have long been under, and clarifying that the permission to stay stamp is better called "a visa". As I understand you, Immigration can issue any kind of visa used to enter the country, but only embassies and consulates are able to issue visas not used to enter Thailand. Presumably, these "non entry" visas are the only logical rationale for the consulates' existence. Otherwise, it would be much easier just to have Immigration issue all the visas when you arrive at the border, and want to enter Thailand.

Elviajero has always interpreted the word 'Visa' to include Re-Entry permits and Extensions and other such things. It causes confusion and incorrect responses to questions. I don't wish to get into semantics but I always felt a Visa referred to an endorsement that secured an alien's permission to enter a country, obtained obviously outside that country. 

Best to be clear. 


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1 hour ago, elviajero said:

Westerners trying to live long term in the country as ‘tourists’ are not wanted. That’s been clear since 2006.

The only thing done in 2006 was the long rescinded 90 days in 6 months rule for visa exempt entries. That is one of their attempts to cut down on people doing visa extemps entries at land border crossings to stay in the country. It and then then the 15 day visa exempt entries at land border crossing to push people to get tourist visas instead. And then the final one is the current limit of 2 at land border crossings per calendar year.

Nothing to do with staying here as tourist or a limit on the time spent here using tourist visas.

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