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Thai Army Reform: A tough new rule – with exceptions

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"were exempt because of their significant contributions to the country’s wellbeing."   Can they name one?

So ............ the ordinary soldier contributes nothing?  😞

The ombudsman was asked to look into Prayuts behaviour, after the tragedy !! What will the outcome be? Ohh he was under stress, beside himself with grief, thats probably what will be the exc

29 minutes ago, Baerboxer said:


Indeed. But now we have the very very senior army bosses showing they are more equal than their perceived minions. The minions ain't gonna be pleased with this. Could be the start of some fractures. 

I doubt it, they cant organise themselves to do anything about, put it down to their "quality" education!

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It's not just retired high ranking officers who live in on-base housing (more like old townhouses).  Wing 21 in Ubon has retired NCO's living in housing across from the golf course.  Certainly not mansions; but, subsidised/free housing is a significant benefit to a retiree, evidenced by the expensive vehicles parked in front of those homes.

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2 hours ago, scorecard said:

"... less than sterling records while serving their country "


Most officers have been in the Thai military during a period when there was no conflict, therefore no chance to shine in the field.


So what else would give them the classification of a 'sterling record'?


- Car always very clean. (Actually cleaned by conscripts.)


- Uniforms beautifully starched and very highly polished shoes, every day. (Actually done cleaned by conscripts.)


- ...

I've never been in the military so no first hand experience and certainly no experience of how things work in the Thai forces but my dad was an Officer's Batman during WW2. He said it was a 'soft billet' and he was the envy of his mates. He got better food from the Officers' mess, better general conditions, avoided many unpleasant soldierly duties and just had to keep his man's kit and uniforms on top line. 

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Let us hope there is some truth to this effort. It is about time, that these guys stop getting treated as if they are something special, or as if they have ever done anything for their nation, or their people. The entire army is pretty much useless to the Thai people. They are proving that daily. 


Just look at how they are dealing with the last three crisis situations facing the nation. 1. The airpocalypse. Absolutely nothing has been done. 2. The tourism crisis. Absolutely nothing productive is being done. 3. The mass shooting. Prayuth was conspicuously absent, and very little has been done to assure the nation, and penalize the army. 

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So maybe there will be generals and colonels who will go jobless… Sacking underlings is one thing. Attacking the toxic culture of a feudal military requires much more than this.


The answers they're giving are entirely aimed to keep a tight reign on political power.




I loved the way he tries to separate the act of the shooter from the Army. We have a soldier who ceased to be a soldier because he was shooting at civilians whilst not under orders, as opposed to the ones that do it under orders.


Prayuth now ordered the Fine Arts Department to produce shows about 'war history' to bolster patriotism among Thais. Strengthen “unity” and promote “awareness of the roles of key institutions — the nation, religion and monarchy — in helping overcome crises…”. Given that most of the propaganda will be about the military, their “reputation” will also be bolstered.

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"Apirat wants retired officers out of their subsidised homes so that serving officers still without houses can move in."


This sounds like a pretty good idea to me !!! ..... And it is nice to see some movement on Dealing with the causes of that recent, Really BAD Problem !!!

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