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UK National Insurance Number

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When I pass on - I'm 82 now - my Thai wife will receive an annual pension well into the 20% tax bracket.   However there appears to be a hiccup in the road.   In order to pay it out the pension provider state they require her to have an NI number plus the banks say she cannot have an account to receive that money without the same.     UK Government department have told her she cannot have a NI number as she does not qualify as she is not a resident of the UK.


I don't suppose this is the first time this has come up and I would appreciate knowledgeable comments and advice.


Thank you.



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Not sure about the NI application issue but other points:


Bank account -  if UK account needed, suggest you look into setting up a Transferwise borderless account for your wife. I have opened one with a Thai address (NI details not requested) and believe that non UK nationals can apply. The account is with a UK bank and has the usual UK sort code that allows Uk payments/receipts into the account plus transfers to Thailand.


UK personal allowances - you may already be aware but there is a possibility that your wife may not qualify for the UK tax personal allowance. See this:



Good luck.

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I assume your Thai wife does not already possess a NI number. As you have been informed she will not automatically qualify for a NI .

However ( I will need to check ), there is an an alternative identifier provided In such circumstances where the person  is not UK resident.


Will your pension  provider not pay direct to Thai bank?

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