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China sees 2,641 new coronavirus cases, 143 deaths, as it struggles to slow spread

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China sees 2,641 new coronavirus cases, 143 deaths, as it struggles to slow spread



A medical worker in protective suit gets onto an ambulance at a hospital, following an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country, in Xuanhua district of Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, China February 13, 2020. Picture taken February 13, 2020. China Daily via REUTERS


SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - More than 2,600 new cases were confirmed from a coronavirus outbreak in mainland China, the National Health Commission said on Saturday, a day after people returning to the capital from holidays were ordered to quarantine themselves for 14 days to try to contain its spread.


The total of confirmed infections across mainland China was now 66,492 after 2,641 new cases were confirmed, as of Friday, the commission said.


The death toll rose by 143 to 1,523, it said, with most of the new deaths in central Hubei province and in particular the provincial capital of Wuhan, the city of 11 million people where the outbreak began in December.


National Health Commission official Liang Wannian told a news conference the government would continue to try to contain the spread of virus in Wuhan.


The commission was focused on lowering the fatality rate and reducing the infection rate, Liang said.


The number of deaths in Hubei rose by 139 as of Friday, 107 of those in Wuhan. A total of 1,123 people in Wuhan have now died from the coronavirus.


China is struggling to get the world's second largest economy going after the Lunar New Year holiday, which was extended by 10 days to help contain the virus.


The official Beijing Daily newspaper said people failing to obey government orders to quarantine themselves on return from the holidays would be punished. But it was not immediately clear how that would be enforced, or whether the restrictions would apply to non-residents or foreigners arriving from abroad.


"From now on, all those who have returned to Beijing should stay at home or submit to group observation for 14 days after arriving," Beijing's virus prevention working group said in a notice cited by the Beijing Daily.


"Those who refuse to accept home or centralised observation and other prevention and control measures will be held accountable under the law," it said.




The number of trade fairs, sports events and industry conferences in China and overseas that have been affected by the spread of the virus continued to increase.


International Business Machines Corp <IBM.N> said on Friday it had canceled its participation in the RSA cyber security conference in San Francisco at the end of February due to coronavirus-related concerns.


Earlier, Facebook Inc <FB.O> said it had canceled its global marketing summit scheduled for next month, also in San Francisco, over worry about the same risks.


The Mobile World Congress (MWC), the annual telecoms industry gathering in Barcelona, was also canceled after a mass exodus by exhibitors linked to the coronavirus.


Organisers of next week's gymnastics World Cup in Melbourne said on Saturday the entire Chinese team had pulled out due to travel restrictions.


A top Chinese official, in an interview with Reuters, acknowledged that the coronavirus was a huge challenge, but defended the government's management of the epidemic and lashed out at the "overreaction" of some countries.


State Councillor Wang Yi, who also serves as China's foreign minister, said China had taken decisive measures to fight the epidemic, many going beyond international health regulations and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.


"Through our efforts the epidemic is overall under control," he said.


Outside mainland China, there have been nearly 450 cases in some 24 countries and territories, and three deaths. Japan confirmed its first coronavirus death on Thursday. One person has died in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines.


The virus is killing about 2% of those infected, but has spread faster than other respiratory viruses that emerged this century.


A WHO-led joint mission with China will start its outbreak investigation work this weekend, focusing on how the new coronavirus is spreading and its severity, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.


(Reporting by Winni Zhou and Brenda Goh in Shanghai, Zhang Min in Beijing; Writing by Sonya Hepinstall; Editing by Robert Birsel)



-- © Copyright Reuters 2020-02-15

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1 hour ago, Bluespunk said:

Yes, well he would say that wouldn’t he. 

That was my exact thought when I read the article.

Say something else and you end up in "quarantine" too.

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2 hours ago, Pedrogaz said:

The world is coming to an end. The lack of spread to non Asian countries looks odd...why so few cases is Europe and Africa . A report on biowarfare was published today in the US (they have 148 biowarfare research centers apparently) which mentions viruses constructed to target certain ethnicities. Makes one wonder.

Concerning 146 "biowarfare research centers", are you referring to China or the US? Please give us all the link to this report.

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The 'Australian' newspaper says that the many research labs in the Western world say that (1) the real number of infections in China so far must be at least 100,000 (and that's from labs whose mathematical modelling has tracked the increases pretty exactly as they happened and then, as data accumulated, made what turned out to be accurate forward projections);  (2) by the time the Chinese regime 'isolated' Wuhan, the infection had already spread to all major Chinese cities; (3) the Ro number appears to be around 2-3, which, if further data bears that out, means that corona is far less infectious than, say, measles (12-13) and is around the same as SARS (2-4), which - if I understand correctly - means that new infections will reach a peak at some stage soon and then diminish steadily towards zero.

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They should leave for Thailand immediately. After 15 days if they show no signs of infection they can move on to other parts of the world until the smoke clears. 

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we are advising all our c;ients/applicants who hold an ePassport and/or have previously provided the Australian Government with bio-metric data to AVOID going to the VFS Global Data collection centers until such time as the World Health Organisation and the Chief Medical Officer have given the all clear to the Coronaviras outbreak,

Applicants who are requested to attend the centers should submit a request for a waiver citing concerns about the health and safety of these centers (which not only service Australia but a host of other nations)
These centers are not required and should be closed down as a matter of urgency.
Bio Metric Data is already collected and recorded by the country that issues the applicant's ePassport and documents can be sent online,
If there are residual concerns as to an applicant's identity then this can be addressed by alternative means, Such as a phone call or the establishment of a mobile phone application,

The MIA, (Migration Institute of Australia), The Federal Opposition and the Australian Chief Medical Officer which has been requested to raise this issue with the Federal Government,
This s an issue the effects not just Australia but Canada, UK, Finland and a host of other Nations all who shoYld suspend their engagement
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There is NO stopping this pandemic now, Ship that docked in Cambodia just had a passenger test positive... hundreds have already disembarked and left for Thailand and other locals.


Chinas real death count already numbers in the tens of thousands, be prepared and let people you love know to do the same, the governments will not protect you or tell you the truth. 


TY channel Last Messages will give you an idea how bad its getting really there.  Peak Prosperity channel for daily real data on covid19 processed and delivered calmly and accurately

Edited by englishoak
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