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Chiang Mai: "Farang" attacked me from behind, tried to kill me and robbed me, says bloodied Thai student

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Chiang Mai: "Farang" attacked me from behind, tried to kill me and robbed me, says bloodied Thai student



Caption: Farang smashed his head in

Image: Sanook


A 24 year old Thai student has told Thai media from his hospital bed how he was attacked from behind while taking photographs in the Doi Suthep - Pui park area on Wednesday.


Theeraphat told Sanook that what he thought was a white European man came up behind him and hit hit with a heavy object. He managed to escape and hide in the undergrowth. Later he realised that his photographic equipment and wallet were missing.


Other tourists helped him to safety and the matter is now in the hands of the police, he said.


Sanook were alerted to the incident after a senior at a university in Chiang Mai posted on Facebook about it. They telephoned Theeraphat who spoke from his hospital bed in Maharat Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital yesterday.


He said that he is a fourth year student and on Wednesday he had ridden on a motorbike to the Suthep - Pui area to take photographs. He was alone.


After parking his bike at a viewpoint area known as Doi Hua Moo he went along a nature trail and set up his tripod and camera.


He then felt a heavy blow to his head from behind and thought he had been attacked by a club.


He turned to see that a man who looked like a European was attacking him with a heavy object, he was not sure exactly what.


Further blows rained down on his head and he almost fell. He believed the man was trying to kill him.


He managed to run off and after stumbling rolled down a ravine suffering further injuries to his body. He hid in some undergrowth and tried to stay as quiet as possible fearing that the foreigner would come after him.


He was trying to get a signal on his phone and took a selfie of his injuries to his head. He was shocked to see that he was covered in blood over his head and body.


When he felt it was safe he climbed back up the ravine to where he had set up his tripod.


His camera, tripod, bad with two lenses and wallet were all missing. There was no sign of the assailant.


Some other tourists came to his aid and were shocked at his appearance. They gave him water.


An ambulance was called and it arrived after about one hour and he was taken to hospital where he was found to have six wounds to his head and injuries to his body from rolling down the ravine.


The matter was reported to Phupingratchaniwet police in whose jurisdiction the attack took place.


Theeraphat said he hoped to be released from hospital soon and will then give further details to the police before hopefully going home to Phrae to recover from the attack.


Sanook made no mention of having contacted the police to confirm this story, notes Thaivisa.


Source: Sanook



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-02-15
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