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This isn't about Thai banking so Mods can close if they consider it of no interest. Just posted here as I am sure there are some members with UAE banking experience.


I am following up on a FIFO job offer in UAE with salary paid into a local bank account. I won't be considered a UAE resident AFAIK but assume I will get some sort of ID card. I understand that non-residents can only get a deposit account with a debit card. Does this have restrictions on international transactions. Has anyone any advice on UAE banking such as recommended banks, account opening and closing, minimum funds, availability of online banking, international transfers or other methods of repatriation of funds?




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I had an HSBC account in Abu Dhabi in the late 1990s for which I needed UAE residency documentation...when yer no longer a resident you have to close the account immediately and transfer the funds to another account (I transfered to a UK account with considerable hassle)...I had a card that I could use for most purchases and withdrawals...no doubt things have changed since then...useta be the UAE didn't allow local accounts if you weren't a resident...


things were the same in saudi but by then 10 years later the saudis had internet banking with SABB bank (an HSBC affiliate)...



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