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Court Decree for Sole Custody

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I am in process of helping my sister in law apply for a Schengen visa. She is travelling with her 10 year old daughter. She has sole custody of the girl.

VFS require a court decree confirming her status as sole guardian which needs to be legalised by the Min of Foreign Affairs. Does anyone have a court decree about custody that they can share? It does not need to be sole custody. I need to show this to my SIL so she understands what we need from the court .


She has a Report of Proceedings issued by the court which refers to her sole custody which she thinks is sufficient evidence. I don't agree and I think VFS will say the same. I believe she needs a Decree clearly confirming her status.


There is the option of obtaining a consent to travel letter signed by the father issued by the District Office but mother/father not communicating



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If she have been through the court proceedings which includes going having an interview with the Children's Welfare and having a court hearing she can go to the court where she got the order and get a copy there


The court order is signed off by 4 Judges and have a red stamp on both papers half on each I not know if it is the same in all courts



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